Zero Carb Snacks: 7 Keto-Friendly Snacks

Jun 10, 2024

Enjoy the crunch and cheesy goodness of these homemade cheese crisps. Made with just one ingredient, these zero carb snacks are a keto favorite.

Cheese Crisps

Hard-boiled eggs are an easy and portable zero carb snack. They are packed with protein, making them ideal for a quick and filling keto-friendly snack.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

This refreshing snack combines the crispness of cucumber with the smoothness of cream cheese. It's a light and tasty option for a zero carb keto-friendly snack.

Cucumber Slices with Cream Cheese

Crunchy celery sticks paired with creamy almond butter make for a satisfying zero carb snack. It's a simple yet delicious option for keto enthusiasts.

Celery Sticks with Almond Butter

Indulge in the perfect combination of flavors with bacon-wrapped asparagus. This savory snack is not only delicious but also low in carbs, making it keto-friendly.

Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

Turn pepperoni slices into crispy chips with a quick bake in the oven. These pepperoni chips are a great alternative to traditional high-carb snacks.

Pepperoni Chips

Swap out regular pasta for zucchini noodles topped with keto-friendly pesto. It's a delicious way to enjoy a satisfying meal without the carbs.

Zucchini Noodles with Pesto