Will Smith Praises 'I Am Legend' Dog, Wanted to Adopt Her

Jun 10, 2024

Will Smith reminisces about his time with his canine co-star Abbey and his desire to adopt her.


Abbey, a German Shepherd, was known for upstaging Will Smith in the blockbuster movie I Am Legend.

Bond with Abbey

Will Smith was amazed by Abbey's ability to understand English, making their bond even stronger.

Language of Love

Will Smith couldn't adopt Abbey as she was the breadwinner of her family and had to stay.

Unable to Adopt

Smith recalls a heartbreaking scene in the movie where he had to overtake Abbey as she became infected.

Heartbreaking Scene

Smith describes Abbey as a brilliant actress, highlighting their exceptional on-screen chemistry.

Working with a Brilliant Actress

Smith pays tribute to Abbey on National Pet Day with a heartfelt video montage of their time together.

National Pet Day Tribute

Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan are set to co-produce and co-star in an I Am Legend sequel.

I Am Legend Sequel