True Detective: Night Country Ep 1 Review - A Letdown Premiere

Jun 10, 2024

A critic shares their expectations and encounters with angry fans who disagree with their opinions.


The critic reflects on the exceptional first season of True Detective and the high expectations they had for Night Country.

High Expectations

The premiere episode of Night Country is described as a slog with messy storytelling and uninteresting characters.

A Slow Start

The actors, led by Jodie Foster, are praised for their performances in Night Country.

Strong Performances

The frigid Alaskan setting adds a distinct mood to Night Country, reminiscent of film noir.

Cold, Bleak Setting

Night Country incorporates supernatural elements with less subtlety compared to Season 1, which feels forced.

Heavy Supernatural Elements

The critic finds Night Country to be derivative and lacking in compelling storytelling and interesting characters.

Derivative and Uncompelling

The critic expresses their disappointment and hopes for improvement in the upcoming episodes of Night Country.