12 Top Bicentennial Quarters: $65M Picks and 5 Worth $425K+

Jun 10, 2024

Discover the most valuable bicentennial quarter, valued at a whopping $425,000!

The Top Bicentennial Quarter

Learn about the rare Washington quarter from 1776-1976 and its significance.

The Rare Washington Quarter

Explore the beautiful silver bicentennial quarter and its unique features.

The Silver Bicentennial Quarter

Discover the commemorative drummer boy bicentennial quarter and its historical importance.

The Drummer Boy Quarter

Take a closer look at the state quarter collection and its popularity among collectors.

The State Quarter Collection

Explore the colorful fireworks bicentennial quarter and its vibrant design.

The Fireworks Quarter

Learn about the commemorative Liberty Bell quarter and its representation of independence.

The Liberty Bell Quarter

Discover the complete set of bicentennial quarters and their numismatic value.

The Bicentennial Quarter Set

Learn about the rare tricentennial quarter and its historical significance.

The Tricentennial Quarter

Explore the fascinating story of the unreleased bicentennial quarter and its collector's appeal.

The Unreleased Quarter

Discover the intriguing errors found on some bicentennial quarters and their rarity.

The Bicentennial Quarter Errors

Explore the potential future value of bicentennial quarters and their collector's market.

The Future of Bicentennial Quarters