Suits' Star on Spinoff Reaction & Possible Return

Jun 10, 2024

Patrick J. Adams clarifies the status of the upcoming Suits spinoff and expresses his willingness to reprise his role as Mike Ross.

Patrick J. Adams addresses Suits spinoff

The spinoff will be set in the same universe as Suits, but based in Los Angeles. Get ready for a new chapter in the Suits world.

The Suits spinoff universe

The spinoff does not currently have a home, but it could end up on a broadcast network or streaming platform. Stay tuned for updates.

The search for a home

Patrick J. Adams is open to reprising his role as Mike Ross in the upcoming Suits spinoff. Find out if he's ready to suit up again.

Patrick J. Adams on returning

Patrick J. Adams reunites with Suits co-stars at the Golden Globe Awards. See the cast back together after all these years.

Suits reunion at the Golden Globes

Discover what is known about the upcoming Suits spinoff. Get the latest updates on the project and its connection to the original series.

What we know about the Suits spinoff

The Suits spinoff does not have a home yet. Find out where the new series might end up and which platforms are possible contenders.

The search for a home

Check out the Suits characters we think should return in the spinoff show. Who do you want to see in the new series?

Characters we want to see in the spinoff