Practical Magic Vibes in WB's New Teaser: Possible Sequel After 26 Years

Jun 10, 2024

Sandra Bullock's Practical Magic is a cult classic film that is aging like fine wine.


Practical Magic was a box office bomb, grossing $68.3 million against a production budget of $75 million.

Box Office Bomb

Critics criticized Practical Magic for having too many genres, but fans loved its light-hearted watch.

Critics' Reviews

Warner Bros. shares a spooky teaser on Instagram hinting at a sequel to Practical Magic.

Teaser Release

Fans rejoice on social media as WB hints at a sequel to Practical Magic.

Fan Reactions

Fans are jumping with excitement for the sequel to their favorite film after 26 years.

Excitement Builds

Warner Bros. has not yet announced the release date or title of the Practical Magic sequel.

Release Date and Title