Paul Rudd Faced a Major Limitation Playing Ant-Man

Jun 10, 2024

Playing a Marvel superhero comes with the pressure of millions of fans and maintaining physical standards.

Shouldering High Expectations

Actors have to follow intense dieting, harsh workouts, and strict limitations to achieve the desired physique.

Strict Dieting and Workouts

Paul Rudd had to undergo a highly restrictive diet for 'Ant-Man' and his reward was sparkling water.

Rewarding Himself with Bubbly Water

Despite his dietary restrictions, Rudd's character in 'Ant-Man' ends up working at an ice cream shop.

Standing Behind the Counter

During the filming of 'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,' the cast encountered a stinky set due to animal manure used as a prop.

Enduring the Smelly Set

While his role as Ant-Man demands strict dieting, Rudd can enjoy more freedom when working on comedies and other projects.

Escape from Dietary Restraint

After the rigorous dieting, let's hope Paul Rudd treated himself to a delicious banana split with all the toppings.

Indulging in a Sweet Treat