Official Title Revealed: NCIS Tony & Ziva Spinoff

Jun 10, 2024

Paramount's NCIS spinoff has an official title: NCIS: Tony & Ziva.

Title Unveiled

Follow Tony and Ziva on an action-packed adventure across Europe in the NCIS spinoff.

About the Show

The spinoff will consist of 10 exciting episodes, each filled with thrilling action and suspense.

10-Episode Order

Production will take place in Budapest, capturing the beautiful landscapes and architecture of Europe.

Filming Location

Discover the backstory of Tony and Ziva, from their separation to their reunion in Paris, leading to their new life as parents.

Previous NCIS Storyline

Join Tony and Ziva as they navigate danger and intrigue while on the run across Europe, chased by unknown forces.

On the Run

Meet the talented team of executive producers behind the NCIS: Tony & Ziva spinoff series.

Executive Producers

Get ready for a thrilling mix of intrigue, romance, and a touch of Europe as Tony and Ziva embark on their new journey.

Expectations and Excitement