NCIS Europe: Tony & Ziva's Return Plus Michael Weatherly's Teases

Jun 09, 2024

The NCIS universe is set to grow even larger with the announcement of a new spin-off featuring beloved characters Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David.

NCIS Universe Expands

Fans have long awaited the on-screen reunion of Tony and Ziva, portrayed by Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo respectively, in NCIS: Europe.

Tony & Ziva's Reunion

Michael Weatherly, who plays Tony, has been teasing fans with hints of excitement and surprises to come in the upcoming series.

Michael Weatherly's Teases

Penned by John McNamara, NCIS: Europe follows Tony and Ziva as they embark on a journey across Europe with their daughter, Tali.

Plot Details: NCIS: Europe

Filming for NCIS: Europe is expected to start later this year, with a potential release date in 2025 on Paramount+.

Filming and Release

Mark Harmon is set to return as the narrator for NCIS: Origins, the Gibbs-focused prequel scheduled to premiere in September 2024.

Mark Harmon's Return

Initially named Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the series was later shortened to NCIS.

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In 2016, Michael Weatherly decided to leave NCIS due to the demanding production schedule, feeling content with his character's resolution.

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